• S and R Investments is the single sourced provider of BeST Strategic CrisIs software for N. America used for war gaming & table top exercises. 
  • Developed and employed for government, military and private sector
  • Clients include airlines, banks, universities, etc.
  • Not simply crisis incident management but a low cost tool to test strategies and business plans/programs
  • Developed to be user friendly
  • Web Based or LAN/WAN capable
  • Drives efficiency in the preparation process. Ease of inserts and various media inputs during this phase
  • Strong analytics capability with real time population for instanteous results
  • Frames problems based on clients requirements (client unique)
  • Populates information for after action during the exercise
  • Can be modified based on clients needs
  • Real time chat mode and monitoring
  • Approved GSA veteran owned small business

GSA approved Veteran owned small business

Crisis Incident Management Software