​​​​ S&R Investments Services Compliance With Section 508 Requirements

S&R Investments is committed to providing high-quality services that are accessible to all of our customers, including individuals with disabilities. S&R Investments  proudly supports Section 508, specifically the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C 794d) that requires Federal agencies to meet specific accessibility standards when buying, developing, maintaining or using information technology.  S&R Investments is committed to ensuring that electronic information is available to as many people as possible. S&R Investments has strong leadership to guide Section 508 compliance activities including increasing transparency and strengthening accountability across our company. S&R Investments is committed to improving collaboration regarding Electronic Information. For further information, please contact our  (Business Manager- James M Halinski) at 727-453-2555



S&R Investments is supporter and donates to the Semper K-9 fund to support our veterans 

S&R investments is a veteran owned woman majority controlled small business  that is on the GSA schedule